Georgia-Ireland Business Council

საქართველო-ირლანდიის ბიზნეს საბჭო

The Georgia-Ireland Business Council is established to strenghten and create new business links between Georgia and Ireland. 

Ireland is one of the most successful economies in the EU. A strenghtened relationship with Georgia offers Irish enterprises access to the Caucuses and beyond, to the numerous countries in Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East with which Georgia is building a network of trading relationships built on trade and investment treaties.  

Both Georgia and Ireland are modern, open, democratic economies with similarly sized populations of almost 4 million and 5 million but with a disparity in GDP and wealth.  Georgia’s economy is developing with a pro-active national policy with EU support.

Both countries are proud to share landscapes of natural beauty and a wealth of historical features reflecting their ancient rich cultures which, along with the famed warmth and hospitality of their people, attract millions of tourists every year.

Georgia offers to Irish and EU businesses a solid base for further operations in the vast region with access to over a billion consumers in regional and Asian markets through deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with the EU, Central Asia, China and all neighboring countries.

The Georgia-Ireland Business Council is a network facilitationg investors, importers and exporters in both jurisdictions to explore opportunities and build on core strengths in the fields of technology, medical devices and services, pharmaceuticals and tourism as well as agricultural produce, food and bevearages for which both countries are famous. 

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